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How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety  - Ultra Hot Topic Covering 4 Niches

Few people have lived through 2020 without experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. And for most people, it's not over yet!

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Stress has been an increasingly hot topic in recent years, but never to the degree that it is right now.

2020 has been nothing but one enormous challenge for many people and that's only going to increase as we hit the holiday season.

We're releasing a two-tier PLR (Private Label Rights) funnel that's different from other material available because it teaches people how to deal with the underlying causes of stress and anxiety. It provides all the text-based content needed to help a range of people deal with this huge problem.


Here are Details of the Content you'll Receive in your Download File

There are 35 new articles and a number of these are long articles. You can use them as blog posts, emails, break them up, or combine them for extra long posts or even podcast content.

A number of these articles benefit you and your readers by offering a Needs Profile Questionnaire that you can use as a lead magnet to grow your email list.
We've included this Needs Profile Questionnaire as a bonus.

There's also a bonus article that can be used to promote our online course - How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety Effectively. Promoting This course as an affiliate has good profit potential for you.


What Everyone Needs to Know to Overcome Stress Forever

  1. What’s is the Only Thing you Can Control? >600 words
  2. Develop a Mindset that Serves You > 450 words
  3. What Happens to Your Body when you're Stressed >750 words
  4. How To Beat The Long-Term Effects Of Stress >500 words
  5. It’s OK not to be Perfect >550 words
  6. How to be at Your Best to Meet Big Challenges >850
  7. How to Let Go of Addictions by Meeting your Needs >650 words
  8. Pleasure Seeking Does Not Relieve Stress for Long >600 words
  9. You Need Commitment to Manage Stress Effectively >750 words
  10. How to Reduce your Stress by Overcoming your Fears >550 words
  11. 5 Stress-Reducing Habits that May Surprise You >900 words
  12. How to Exercise for Stress Relief >700 words
  13. Healthy Eating Tips for Stress >1,050 words
  14. How to get Mindful About Stress >450 words
  15. How to Deal with Unhelpful People When You’re Stressed >750 words

Managing Stress for Moms

16. Are you a Stressed-Out Mom? >650 words
17. How to Create a Great Family Mindset >800 words
18. Create a Wonderful Life Balance >650 words
19. How to Have a Great Relationship During Covid-19 >850 words
20. How to Get on Top of Stress Effectively as a Single Mom >500 words

Stress and Entrepreneurs

21. Embrace your Inner Entrepreneur to Live your Best Life >500 words
22. An Online Business can Stop you Hating your Job >550 words
23. 10 Pros and Pitfalls of Unleashing your Inner Entrepreneur >800 words
24. How to Transition from the 9-5 with your Wellbeing Intact >1000 words
25. How to Set your Entrepreneurial Moral Compass >650 words

Stress and The Law of Attraction

26. Dream Big but go Easy >750 words
27. Surprisingly the Law of Attraction can be Stressful >700 words 
28. How to get SMART with the Law of Attraction >550 words
29. Staying in the Flow of the Law of Attraction >550 words
30. How to Develop a Mindset of Abundance for Entrepreneurs >500 words

Stress and Productivity

31. 4 Ways to Use Stress for Success >700 words
32. How to Build your Resilience and Increase your Productivity >500 words
33. 6 Ways to Work in “the Zone” >650 words
34. Eustress is the Best Stress for Productivity >550 words
35. Don’t Let Stress Destroy your Productivity >500 words

All these Great Articles PLUS: -

  • A FREE BONUS Lead Magnet Questionnaire pdf: How to Build your Personal Needs Profile 
  • How to Deal with Stress and Anxiety - Online Course an article introducing our online course. >550 words. (This course has just opened up to affiliates). 

Why you'll Love this Content

  • Many of these articles are long -600, 700, 800 even 1,000 words!
  • 100% ethical writer/vendor
  • The bonus lead magnet and bonus article allow you to promote our course as an affiliate even if you're just starting out and haven't got a big list.
  • The articles cover 4 niches 
    • Self-development/general wellbeing
    • Entrepreneurs/MMO
    • Productivity
    • Moms
  • This material uses the psychology of Choice Theory in a way that is easily accessible to anyone.
  • Many of the articles are designed to help build email lists.


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Four Ways to Manage Stress for Success

Features: World Count: 700+: Offers a lead magnet download

There's no doubt that excess stress is a major health concern. But stress in itself shouldn't be an excuse for low productivity. In fact, you can optimize stress to optimize your productivity.

Healthy levels of stress can actually make you stronger, more resilient, more creative and more productive. This is called eustress and it’s the kind of stress that athletes use to fuel their performance. Too little stress can be just as anti-productive as too much stress. This is the reasoning behind some very wealthy people not leaving great wealth to their children.

There's a definite link between stress and productivity. When you have no pressure, or not enough pressure, your motivation drops and so does your productivity. Procrastination can set in, distractions divert your attention and things take longer than they should. With increased stress comes increased performance, but only up to a certain level. The bell curve graph above shows how this works.

Optimal stress levels vary widely. What one person finds stressful another person might be totally unfazed by. What's important is to work out how stress impacts you and how you can manage stress for your own success. (continues)

What Can You Do With This Content?

✔️You can edit it, or leave it as is, chop it up, or join it together.

✔️You can put your name on it as the author.

✔️You can use it on your blog, or website. Posting lots of fresh, top-quality content helps you attract readers, get engagement, and rank with search engines.

✔️You can use it in email autoresponders. Regular, valuable content is crucial to grow and maintain a healthy email list.

✔️Compile groups of articles together to make pdf reports or bonuses.

✔️Group and adapt articles to create ebooks. 

✔️You can use it to engage readers on social media. Cut it up for use on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

✔️Use the content as a transcript for podcasts or YouTube videos.

Having this bundle of content to use will free you up to work on your business, instead of slaving away writing content from scratch.

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Having a wealth of great content for blogs, reports, ebooks, etc. is an important first step. Our upgrade is about taking this to the next level and provides more opportunities for you to attract people onto your lists, engage with them, and ultimately sell to them. 

  • A pdf mini-course you can sell as a tripwire or use as a bonus (3 slightly different versions)
  • 4 Email sequences of between 8-10 emails each
  • A Lead magnet for entrepreneurs
  • A report for MMO/entrepreneurs/Law of Attraction niches
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We Only have 2 Rules for our PLR Content

#1 - Don't use our name on it.

#2 - Don't pass along the PLR rights to others. This means you can use how you want to but you can only pass on read-only rights to others. 

Note: We don't offer any refunds on our PLR content. We've detailed everything out so you can see exactly what you'll get. The excerpt above shows you the writing style and quality.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]


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