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Choice Theory Basic Intensive - East Gippsland, Australia April 2021

Treat yourself to four-full days of Choice Theory Training that will change your life.


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Jeff Steedman

A faculty member of William Glasser International


"Jeff was brilliant!"

"I just wanted to put in writing our appreciation for the efforts you make in helping us become better people and more effective leaders."


Eagle Point School

Taking place in beautiful, sunny, East Gippsland

April 12 and 13

Plus two days on a weekend to be negotiated.

Only $950 for four days of training, price inclusive of food, course resource notes.

What is the Transformational Psychology of Choice Theory?

  • A framework to understand human behaviour, and assist in making effective interventions at the point of greatest leverage.
  • It can be learnt at both a simple practical level and also at a level that can assist profound shifts in human behaviour and motivation.
  • Underlying this framework is the idea that nearly all behaviour is chosen and that we are responsible for these choices.

Don't wait too long, places are limited and filling up fast!


Enquiries to

[email protected]

Jeff Steedman 0428170191

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Who Will Benefit From This Training?

  • Leaders
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Managers
  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • In fact... anyone interested in improving their lives and the relationships in it.

This training is fun and highly interactive. There are lots of opportunities to practise what is being taught in small and large groups. Numbers are strictly limited so that you receive individual support and feedback. 

During this training you will…….

  • learn a clear, simple and practical model to understand yourself and others
  • learn how to better connect and work with the people around you
  • identify the behaviours that enhance relationships as well as the behaviours that are destructive to relationships.
  • understand the process of  perceptions, and how it can be used to create higher levels of awareness and connection
  • understand the five basic needs that drive all behaviour and use these to understand and improve behavioural outcomes
  • become aware of your own unique need strengths
  • understand the real key to’s not what we’ve been led to believe.
  • learn the underlying basis for emotional intelligence and see how this can be used in counselling, managing, teaching and your own personal relationships
  • be able to use the Choice Theory framework to explore effective and ineffective approaches to teaching, management and leadership
  • learn the vital aspects for quality outcomes
  • apply these ideas practically in managing a challenging relationship
  • learn how to create a quality environment for learning and working
  • consider how you can manage your own life to achieve higher quality outcomes
  • use the Reality Therapy problem-solving process to deal with a range of practical challenges
  • understand how Choice Theory can enhance mental wellbeing and creativity
  • learn a process for rapid, effective and ongoing behavioural change
  • learn a process for on-going self-evaluation and continuous improvement
  • receive a certificate of completion acknowledging your training
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Private and Public Basic Intensive training can be arranged with Jeff for groups of at least six participants

If you would like to discuss running Choice Theory Basic Intensive Training for your school, company or organisation phone Jeff on 61 428170191, or email [email protected]