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 Are Stress and Anxiety Getting in your Way? 

✅  Are you tired of not living your best life because when you move outside of your comfort zone you become stressed and anxious?

✅ Are you using food, alcohol, shopping, or smoking to get through life?

✅  Are stress, fear, worry, and anxiety stopping you from looking great, doing work you love, travelling, having a great partner, enjoying your kids ... simple things that other people take for granted? 

✅  Do you get a tight feeling in your stomach, have trouble sleeping, racing thoughts, feelings of despair, and tears, so many tears?

✅ Are you either afraid of or at the mercy of medications that leave you overweight and feeling like a zombie, disconnected, itchy, thirsty, and unable to concentrate?

 ✅ Are your friends, family, and even your boss running out of patience?

✅ Do you want to dig a hole and dive in?

Our program gives you all the tools and support you need to overcome excess stress, anxiety, and fear to create peace, happiness, and the life you want 


What You Can Expect

🧩No dragging up the past, no fluff! Understand your stress in simple, effective, ways. 

🧩  Powerful learning resources developed from thirty years counselling experience and extensive training in Choice theory.

🧩 Engaging videos and hands-on activities will walk you through the exact steps needed to get on top of your stress and stay there!

🧩 Easy access so that you can fit your learning into your schedule.

🧩 A simple learning format, that's easy to digest and guides you step by step.

🧩 A Program that takes you by the hand and creates a blueprint for your own stress-less life.

🧩  Support and empowerment via direct access to Jeff (the course creator).  

🧩 To go at your own pace, anywhere in the world. All you need is a screen, and the desire to subdue your stress for good.


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Have you already tried so many things that haven't worked?

and besides:-

Life is too busy. You're only just keeping your head above water, let alone finding time to deal with something so hard.

You're Scared. You could get worse. 

You don't have support and you're not sure you've got what it takes to overcome your stress and anxiety.

You Can't Afford it :(


  1. You can do this in a minimum of 30 minutes per week if you want to.
  2. Jeff has worked with thousands of people suffering just as you're suffering now. People who engage get better, not worse.
  3. You will get all the support you need from the course, and from Deb and Jeff.
  4. The course costs less than I counselling session and now you can pay that in four manageable installments of just $30! 
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What You'll Learn?

  • How to manage and overcome the  physiological effects of stress
  • The things you can change
  • Your personal Needs Profile and how to best meet your needs
  • How to self-evaluate and change the behaviours that are creating your stress


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What You'll Need?

  • Access to the Internet, a computer or tablet and preferably a printer.
  • An ability to take on new information and a willingness to change your behvaiours
  • A small amount of time to reset your life, while you work through the modules and develop your personal life plan.
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How is this Course Different?

  • Most stress management learning deals with first aid. Our course teaches you how to get to the root cause of your own particular stress.
  • This course uses Choice Theory to address stress and anxiety in a way that is accessible to everyone.
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What People are Saying


"I had spiralled into burnout and was totally overwhelmed"

I began working with Deb and Jeff during a period where I was under extreme work and financial pressure.  

When you’ve been a high performer and able to rely on yourself to function at a certain level for a long time it’s frightening to arrive at a place where that’s no longer the case. 

I felt undone and didn’t recognise myself. It was sudden and shocking.

Jeff and Deb equipped me to take my power back by understanding my quality world picture as well as identifying my needs and how to structure a life around ensuring these get satisfied. 

They gave me hope that things could get better. In fact, things could be better than before because this was an opportunity to ‘reset’ on a new platform of self awareness and sustainability.

Their approach is unique in that it put me in the driving seat of my recovery and in some ways, was counter intuitive to the other advice I was receiving. 

Rest, time out and disconnecting had a place when applied strategically but total avoidance produced more anxiety and powerlessness. Jeff explained this dynamic to me and while the conflicting advice was confusing, when I applied the techniques Jeff recommended, I couldn’t deny that I got better ! I had an immediate sense of accomplishment and relief when I was actively meeting my needs. 

I’m on the up and up and highly recommend anyone who wants to take back control of their life to engage Jeff and Deb’s services.

Abby Woollaston, Wellington, New Zealand


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I was first introduced to Choice Theory in 2016 and then went on to do Basic Intensive training with Jeff. Learning Choice Theory and applying it daily has changed my life, my relationships, my work and my stress levels. I absolutely love it because it works, it does make a difference and it does give you personal freedom.  What I love the most about Choice Theory is that it sits perfectly with my Christian Faith and my growth as a person , and you can draw on its core teaching , time and time again.

Jeff is an absolute pro and guru as a Choice Theory facilitator. He is so good at what he does. I have learnt from the best.

Thank you so much Jeff and Deb. It's great that you are taking this one step further and sharing it to a much wider audience. I can absolutely guarantee everyone benefits from Choice Theory internal control psychology , and if everyone applies it to their daily life this world will be a much better place. Amen. Written with love and immense gratitude. Amanda Blandford: East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

💕 ❤


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All the tools you need to increase the happiness, peace and fulfilment in your life

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