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Take Charge of your Stress and Anxiety Now!

This course is different because it will teach you how to deal with the underlying causes of your stress  and anxiety.

What You'll Get:

  • Fifteen videos that will step you through understanding stress and anxiety and how to effectively manage the root causes
  • Activities that enable you to apply what you learn directly to your own life situation
  • Individual support that will guide you through the whole process, via a question and answer portal
  • A FULL REFUND, if you genuinely  engage with our program for 30 days and it does not work for you.

What It Will Do For You:

  • You will see stress and anxiety in a new way
  •  You will learn to evaluate your perceptions and your world views
  • You will understand your individual needs profile
  • You will learn to make choices based on  your own specific needs
  • You will learn how to cultivate healthy stress in your life in order to create the life you really want.

I have used this process to help hundreds of people deal with stress and anxiety, usually over a number of counselling sessions. You can access it here to use whenever you need it, for the cost of less than one counselling session. 

We are so confident that our program will teach you how to manage stress and anxiety effectively, we will refund your money if it's not working for you after 30 days from purchase. BUT you have to take action, engage with us and work with us to learn how to deal effectively  with stress and anxiety in YOUR life, FOREVER!! 

So head over to the sign up form and start reducing your stress today! You will be in very good hands and you have nothing to lose, except distress and anxiety. 

To your wellbeing

Jeff :-)


What People Are Saying:

“Learning Choice Theory and applying it daily has changed my life, my relationships, my work and my stress levels. I absolutely love it because it works, it does make a difference and it does give you personal freedom.   Jeff is an absolute pro and guru as a Choice Theory facilitator. He is so good at what he does. I have learnt from the best. Thank you so much Jeff and Deb. It's great that you are taking this one step further and sharing it to a much wider audience. I can absolutely guarantee everyone benefits from Choice Theory internal control psychology , and if everyone applies it to their daily life this world will be a much better place. Amanda Blandford, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia ”

Amanda Blandford