Using Effective Strategies to Take Charge of Stress is More Important Than Ever 

I've developed a quick quiz for you to check just how effectively you are managing stress 

You May Be Dealing With Stress And Anxiety In Ways That Aren't Effective


🧩  Could food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling etc be masking a deeper problem?

🧩  Are you tired of stress and anxiety stopping you from doing the things that you want to do?

🧩 Have stress and anxiety become worse since Covid-19?

🧩 Would you like to use this time to be in top form right now for your family and friends, even if it's hard to even get out of bed at times?


Take our quick quiz and find out if you're doing all you can to stay on top of stress and anxiety.



Take Our Quiz To See How Well You Handle Stress And Anxiety



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Hi, I'm Jeff Steedman

I'm a counsellor, trainer, facilitator and mediator with over thirty years experience in helping people deal with stress and anxiety. I know what helps people and I know what can get in the way.

I've developed this quiz so that you can look at what you're doing to address your stress and anxiety with fresh eyes.

Here's what some of the people I've worked with have said

"I began working with Jeff and Deb during a period of extreme work and financial pressure. I had spiralled into burnout and was totally overwhelmed "[read more]

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